Katılma tarihi: 7 Eki 2020

İn this abstrucktion when i first see the picture i saw the sharp shapes on it. Sails were triangels in my imagination so i draw them as triangel. Sailors heads looked like hexagon for me so i drawed them as a hexagon. On the background i saw a chaos. The trees were soo many so i draw intertwined lines as trees. There were some buildings behind the jungle. They were like a part of the trees so i didnt separate them. I draw the building under the lines but i darkened the lines so we can see it. On the left there are bunch of sails which they abandoned. I draw their pole darkened becouse they were looking a little passive. I saw the sky as 3D when i see the picture. Becouse if we look what we draw by now all off the lines made me think that they were shapes. Shapes are perfect fit in a matrix so i basicly drawed the picture as matrix version.

Mert Şükrü Kaplan
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