Katılma tarihi: 8 Eki 2020

On the first floor, I tried to make it overlook the ground part of the studio to create more space, and I made the first floor only for a place to rest, to host and drink coffee.

I tried to take advantage of the sunlight as much as possible, placing the double windows at a height of 70 centi from the ground.

At the bottom of the stairs there is a place to store the paintings and colors from the sun.

There is a sink in the side section for easy cleaning of the paintbrushes .

Next to the sink, we see that there are shelves to put things and to use them.

On the first floor I put a coffee corner ,and a table to sit down , a chair that opens into a Chaise longue

I decided to build a painter's workplace

In the sizes that were asked of me, I decided to make the space and workplace two floors, for ease of movement and increase the area of the place

On the ground floor, I decided to put the drawing table and all the drawing needs such as colors, drawing boards and the bathroom in case it was needed in relation to spending a long time in the workplace

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